Hi! I'm Andraya. Welcome to FLORA.

The joy I experienced in planning my own wedding sparked a love for all things wedding related, from planning to design to the brides and grooms themselves. I find working with brides and their families, incredibly gratifying. I love life and I love art and to me, FLORA celebrates both. 

I’ve been in the wedding industry for the past five years. I’ve since had the opportunity to write about weddings as editor of The Wedding Row, a fabulous little blog affiliated with Charleston Weddings magazine. I have spent years planning and designing weddings as well. But armed with a lifelong love of flowers, floral design experience, a sculpture degree from Clemson University and dozens of personal experiences assisting brides, I decided to take the leap and do what I love most and brought FLORA to life. 

I am now providing flowers and garden-style arrangements to a select number of wonderful brides in Greensboro, NC and in Charleston, SC (although my journeys have even reached beyond those two fabulous Southern cities.)

Every bride has her own dream, vision, color palette, and budget. That’s what makes FLORA so different. I design, find and create the flowers that speak of the love, the emotion and the dreams of each bride and groom with whom I are privileged to work. At FLORA, I don’t offer packages because I believe no two brides, no two marriages and no two weddings are alike.

If you are ready to realize your flower dreams, I would be honored with the chance to help you tell your story of love on your special day through the magic and aura of flowers.