About FLORA’s offerings

At FLORA, we believe that each wedding should evince the spirit of the couple being celebrated. Since no two couples are alike, neither are any two FLORA designs. Collaboration is a big part of our unique design approach—any kind of vision, color scheme, or inspiration you bring with you is welcome. If you’re starting from scratch, FLORA is happy to help you imagine all that is florally possible.

Engagement is a beautiful, short chapter in a relationship. With all the happenings and business of this season, we aim to make the floral aspects easy and transparent. The process should be joyful from your first consultation to flowering the big day. 

We are delighted to invite you to share more about who you are, your wedding day, and your floral vision. Hop over to the contact page to start chatting about wedding blooms! 

Meet the florist: Andraya

After a four-year tenure in the visual arts, with a specialty in sculpture, Andraya wondered how to best put her keen eye for color and love for 3-dimentional creating to use. While working in wedding editorial, planning, and design worlds of the Charleston, she participated in the renowned Team Flower Workshop, where her skill was fully realized. Following an apprenticeship with a renowned florist in St. Louis, FLORA was born in January of 2016. Based in Greenboro, NC, Andraya books weddings in Charleston, SC, and across the southeast.